What is Appliance Repairman LLC?

Appliance Repairman LLC is an appliance repair business owned by me, Rod Davis. I repair washers and dryers in homes and I also sell, deliver and install washers and dryers.

Do You Repair Appliances In Homes?
Yes, I do housecalls. My rate of diagnisis is $40 for topload/stackable washers and $50 for Frontload Washers.

Do you have a Pysical Store?
I do not have a physical store. I have a shop and a garage located near 72nd and Lowell in Westminster.
My  Garage Showroom is open on Saturday morning only.

Do You Deliver?
Yes, I deliver washers and dryers for a fee of $50.

Do You Delivery up Stairs?
I do not deliver up stairs.

Do You Give a Warranty and What Does It Include?
I give a warranty with every washer and dryer I sell over $100. This includes parts, labor.  There may be trip charges if more than 3 visits are required.

Do you Install Washers and Dryers?
I install washers and dryers if you have no stairs. This is included in the delivery fee.

Can I pickup a Washer or Dryer?
You can pickup washers and dryers on Saturday only. Due to the high number of no previous shows, my shop is open on Saturday only.